Do you recognize any of these problems in your dog: itching, hair loss, biting, bald spots, dull fur, eating problems or a weak intestinal flora? These common problems can arise from fleas and/or ticks, but dogs can also be hypersensitive to certain ingredients in their food. That's why we now have ...

Dressing based on liquid sheep fat!

Handy to pour over the meal of your dog (or cat) and ... the properties of sheep fat remain unchanged positive. Sheep fat has the favorable, natural property to form a protective layer on the intestinal wall. This improves digestion and therefore also the resistance. The condition of the skin and coat of your dog will improve quickly. It is also very suitable as an aid to administer medication. But of course you can also use it simply because your dog will love the chunks. For the variation, in 5 f

Liquid sheep fat for a healhty skin and a shiny fur.
Liquid sheep fat with garlic. Garlic works preventively against fleas, ticks and other parasites.
Liquid sheep fat with calcium, for strong bones and teeth.
Liquid sheep fat with pure cranberry juice. Cranberries have a positive effect on the functioning of the bladder.
Liquid sheep fat with salmon oil. Contains the most complete Omega-3 fatty acids, which improves the blood supply to the muscles.
Available in: Bottles of 250ml, 500ml, or 1 liter including a dosing cap.
Dosage per day: 2 tbsp. per 10 kg of body weight.
Directions for use: After opening, keep cool and have a limited shelf life.
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