The consumer packaging is for the retailer prepacked in a counter box with seven pieces. Two counter boxes fit one behind the other on a regular store shelf. There is an EAN code on the counter box.

For the wholesale four counter boxes (= 28 consumer packages) are packed in a box. A label on the outside of the box shows the contents, an EAN code and a THT date. For the wholesale trade, we also sealed a set of 3 consumer packages in foil. These are delivered in a box with 32 of these sets (= 96 cons. packages). Ideal for sending via internet sales.


The winter assortment

Products for the birds!

The assortment consists out of:

  • Filled buddha nuts with a hanging eye.
  • Wreaths with a hanging ribbon.
  • Mugs filled with sheep fat, with a hanging ribbon.
  • Festive bird pies on a hanging tray or a plate.

Check the winter assortment