The dressing for dry food! Water-based, so excellent for a diet, to be used on vegetables, rice or chunks.

Proderma liquid additives are intended to improve the feed and drinking of your dog in a tasty way. The products can be used for different purposes. In a handy size of 250 ml, equipped with a dosing cap. This modest format invites you to vary.

Apple vinegar
PRODERMA Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar is the natural aid, promoting resistance and digestion!

Apple vinegar is regularly used in the pigeon sport and in the equestrian sport, thanks to the natural, antiseptic effect. Just a splash through the drinking water and it cleans the intestines, thereby improving energy absorption. With pigeons it can promote flight performance. In the equestrian sport, apple cider vinegar is also used externally, for example to treat the skin to ward off stinging insects such as horseflies.
Salmon oil

Salmon oil is a pure natural product and gives the fur of your pet a beautiful shine.

The cold-pressed Norwegian salmon oil contains many non-saturated Omega-3 fatty acids. It is precisely these natural fatty acids that are important for the maintenance and functioning of various organs and tissues. Brains, eyes, cells and kidneys but especially skin, fur and the intestines (the resistance) benefit greatly from these fatty acids. This product consists of 75% salmon oil and 25% vegetable oil.
PRODERMA Apple Vinegar In a handy bottle, 250 ml with dosing cap.
PRODERMA Salmon Oil Available in bottles of 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter capacity. Also available in 5 liter cans.
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