Resealable pouch with heart-shaped reward treats, available in 4 variations!

Sheep fat has the favorable, natural property to form a protective layer on the intestinal wall. This allows a natural recovery of the digestive system and thereby improves the resistance.

The condition of the skin and the fur will improve quickly. Sheep fat contains natural omega 3 fatty acids and important vitamins. By adding pure natural ingredients to our PRODERMA hearts, you give your dog or cat a little extra, as a reward or as a snack.

(Currently, Bonbons are only made for private label)

Available in resealable bags with 75 gram hearts.

Sheep fat bonbons in the shape of little hearts. Sheep fat is good for the skin and gives a shiny fur. The shape of the bonbon is easy dosable and a fun reward.
The tasty treats

Resealable bag with 40 gram of heart shaped treats made from pure nature sheep fat.

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