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Products –



Pure nature, 100% sheep fat, without additives.

Available on request


Sheep fat supplemented with calcium, for strong teeth and strong bones.

Available on request


Sheep fat supplemented with valerian root, gives more rest.

Available on request


Sheep fat supplemented with seaweed, for more resistance.

Available on request


Sheep fat supplemented with garlic powder. Fleas and ticks do not like garlic.

Available on request


Sheep fat supplemented with salmon oil promotes a shiny coat.

Available on request


Sheep fat supplemented with tripe & fiber, stimulates the intestines.

Available on request

PRODERMA Dressings


Liquid sheep fat for healthy skin and a radiant coat.

Available on request


Liquid sheep fat with garlic. Garlic has a preventive effect against fleas, ticks and other parasites.

Available on request


Liquid sheep fat with calcium. For strong bones and strong teeth.

Available on request


Liquid sheep fat with pure cranberry juice. Cranberries have a positive effect on healthy bladder function.

Available on request


Liquid sheep fat and salmon oil. Contains the most complete omega 3 fatty acids. It improves blood flow to the muscles.

Available on request



Thanks to its natural antiseptic effect, apple cider vinegar is widely used in pigeon sport and equestrian sport. Just a dash through the drinking water and it cleanses the intestines and therefore improves energy absorption. It can promote flight performance in pigeons. In equestrian sports, apple cider vinegar is also used externally, for example the coat is treated with it to repel stinging insects such as hornets and horseflies.

Available on request


The cold-pressed Norwegian salmon oil contains a lot of unsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids. It is precisely this natural fatty acid that is important for the maintenance and functioning of various organs and tissues. Brain, eyes, cells and kidneys, but especially skin and fur and the intestinal system (the resistance) benefit greatly from this fatty acid. This product consists of 75% salmon oil and 25% vegetable oil.

Available on request



Available in resealable block bottom bags with 75 gram hearts.

Sheep fat bonbons in the shape of a heart. Sheep fat is good for the skin and gives a shiny coat. The bonbon shape is easy to dose and fun to give as a reward.

Available on request

The 'Tasty' reward

Resealable grip bag with 40 grams of pure natural sheep fat hearts.

Available on request

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